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At the Holistic Therapy Centre of Filio Moutafi, in Kavala, we offer holistic therapies for the body's health, relaxation treatments and beauty treatments. We see the body holistically. That means, that we combine our knowledge, regarding how the energy influences our body, and visa versa, how the body influences the energy inside us. Body and Energy become ONE.

We see each person unique, as it is, by practising into our therapies, our holistic knowledge and our experiences. We touch your body and energize their self healing, we teach you methods to cure yourself and to improve your every day. The Healer of yourself is firstly you!

Filio Moutafi


I offer to you holistic body therapies and other relaxation and beauty treatments. Each of treatment is taking place under the holistic view and knowledge of the Classic Swedish Massage, Reflexology, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Bach Flowerremedies and other studies of holistic therapies. Your body gets rest and you receive energy in your life!
Holistic Health

Holistic Treatment

Combination of Classic Swedish Massage, Firecups, Reflexology, SuJok, Bach Flowerremedies, Traditional Chinese Medicine.


Holistic Detoxification

Holistic Treatment with Sauna and Traditional Firecups. It offers us Relief and Detoxification!

Traditional Thai

Strong Pressures and Stretchings that unlock the body!

Holistic Face Antiaging

Full Face Treatment, Gua-Sha, Silicone Cups for the Face and Rejuvance Antiaging pressures.


Holistic Cellulite Treatment

Anticellulite massage, Firecups, Reflexology, special Oil and Councelling.

Warm Relaxation

Deep relaxing Massage with Candle or with Hot Bamboo.

Traditional Footbath Massage

Footbath with essential oils and foot massage for special relaxation.



Traditional Sauna up to two persons. You may choose between warm (60C) or hot temperature (90C).

Jacuzzi for One

Jacuzzi Bathtub for one person. You may choose among Muscle Relaxation, Moisturizing or Aromatic Therapy.

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Holistic Health
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Massage Therapists
At Filio Moutafi Holistic Therapy Centre you will find certified holistic therapists and massage therapists to take care of you.
Filio Moutafi

Filio Moutafi, after having studied and worked at the field of economics, she changed her profession to match her interests. While she was working and raising her child, she studied 2,5 years a physiotherapy assistant from the Public Educational Institution of Kavala. She has also taken certification for these studies from the National Organisation for Certifications. She also finished at least other 3,5 years of studies at private schools for Holistic Therapies Reflexology, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Bach Flower remedies and various massage treatments. She keeps on evolving and studing more therapie methods.

Since 2007 she offers treatments, including gaining various experiences at house visiting, private spa, General Hospital of Kavala, 5star hotels, and gyms. Since 2016, Filio Moutafi owns her own Holistic Therapy Centre in Kavala. Into her therapy centre, but also at your place, she offers you, but also her colleagues - that are being taught the treatments by herself - a Life's Touch!

Stavroula Karamanli

Stavroula Karamanli, is a worthy colleague of the holistic therapy centre for 1,5 years. She is a kind person, that is easy to cooperate and tell her your needs! She will do the best she can to offer you a well being feeling!

She has been taught by the holistic therapist Filio Moutafi and offers since 1 year, with great success the following therapies: classical swedish massage, calm massage, traditional footbath massage, serenity massage, shiatsu head massage, indian head massage, ear candle ayuverda, candle massage, 4 hands massage, sport massage, anticellulite massage, body exfoliation, and lomi lomi massage!



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